At late year 2000, interChem™ has established itself in the crowded world of chemical suppliers. Driving the fast lane and focusing on delivering values of reliability, transparency and competence, interChem™ has well succeeded to professionally represent twinkling manufacturers’ names in the sky of chemical industry, in Saudi Arabia.


Started up as textile industry oriented supplier only, renowned European, American and Asian manufacturers of raw materials soon found in interChem™ all what it takes to be their dependable working agency gears in the Arabian Peninsula.



By year 2003, more geographical areas have joined the theatre of operation on interChem™ activity map. Countries like UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Egypt, Sudan, India, Pakistan, USA, and Belgium have well received our product range with highest amount of confidence.

By early 2007, interChem™  has adopted an extensive diversification plan through deploying five business divisions in food & catering, pharma & healthcare, interiors and flooring, medical equipments, and civil & electromechanical contracting.


Expansion in the raw materials business division itself kept exponential in terms of both products and sales. New raw materials have been added onto the portfolio to cover plastics, food processing, paper, rubber, coatings, building materials, intermediates, leather, water treatment, personal care, household detergents industries.


interChem™ diverse product portfolio covers major chemical industry sectors. Products count goes well above 1,000 serving most of chemical and food industry segments.


Besides industrial raw materials, civil construction projects, water treatment and desalination, industrial water supply, underlay floorings & insulation, food ingredients, catering and foodstuffs, are now of established presence on interChem™ service delivery program.

interChem™ team employs skilled personnel with high experience the industry segments. We’re proud of our charisma, speed and deliverance.



The solutions and services we provide are world-class standard and are based on the concrete grounds of good faith and belief in clean business conduct.


Give us the chance once and you’re the judge! Our precious customers have already well experienced the values we add to their business processes.


You’re welcome to ride on our wings for a flight of evaluation while getting a warm welcome breeze from the fine range of our services.


- Management